Our mission is to provide opportunities for talented music artists to showcase their skills for a diverse client pool, while establishing our TTM brand throughout the Chicago market. Formed in 2012, Taurus Talent Management was created for the sole purpose of booking, promoting and managing a selection of artists (new, unknown or established) in the Chicago area entertainment industry.

In pursuit of our professional standard of seeking diversity in the types of artists in which we decide to manage and promote, we tend to be very selective. But true talent will always shine through, therefore we will always strive to work with artists that reflect a diversity of talent and culture.

Taurus Talent Management works with artists on both a non-exclusive and exclusive basis. Whether it be established artists or new artists, a high degree of professionalism will be delivered from our talent. We expect no less.

Taurus Talent Management is the ideal agency to work with.


Do you need musical artists, vocalists, or bands for your public or private events then contact us.




Are you a new musical talent who has what you feel it takes to make it but just can’t seem to get opportunities to showcase your talent? Or maybe you’re an established musician who just needs more work to get more exposure. Contact us at Taurus Talent Management.